april 12, 2014

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I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.
~ J. B. Priestley

James Trent
James Trent and Mabel

This is the baby of the Terry family, James Trent, and his sister Mabel. Her twin sister, Linda, died in the mid 1990’s of cancer. James recently completed radiation treatments and is now undergoing chemo. The prognosis is not good. He’s 56.

Missy the photo bomber
Missy the photo bomber

The family gathered today in Morgan County to throw my aunt Barbara a surprise 70th birthday party. Uncle Greg and aunt Virginia’s 50 wedding anniversary was celebrated, and all of my dad’s living siblings were together for what could be the last time. James had a moment of sickness this morning, but rallied to make the trip from his home in Stanton. He hoped to stay an hour. He stayed all afternoon, even playing a few rounds of Cornhole. His faith and outlook have him outliving doctor’s expectations. We’re amazed and grateful for every day he’s with us.

a big bunch
a big bunch

None of us are promised tomorrow, so when we have the chance to be in communion with one another, and it’s obvious time is of the essence, there’s a feeling of gratitude in the air that’s indescribable. The Universe obliged in kind today. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Food and birthday cake were plentiful. The children played in the creek, hunted Easter eggs, and none of them cried. The land was dotted with wild daffodils and redbuds. I imagine heaven will smell like Kentucky in spring. Today was magic.

[siblings R-L, oldest to youngest, with deceased in {}: {Randolph d2010} Norvin (Shorty), Gregory, Phillip Ray, twins Mabel & {Linda d1995}, Barbara Ann, Lois Nell, twins Harold & Darrell, {Ralph Paul, KIA Vietnam 1969}, Charleen, Danny, James Trent]

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