april 14, 2017

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“We have to make an effort to extend our natural compassion, not just through prayer or coining nice words, but by making good use of our intelligence. That’s how to become happy ourselves, in a happy family, a happy community and a happier world.” ~ Dalai Lama


tail feathers


They held a Native American heritage festival on campus this afternoon. I was super bummed that I didn’t have my long lens with me. The Student Activities Board (SAB), that sponsored the event, has put on similar cultural gatherings over the years like last year’s Holi Indian Festival of Spring.




It was a gorgeous, warm day. The front lawn was perfectly manicured. A Lakota tipi (from the 1880’s the sign said) was erected next to the cannon. There was a drum circle. Food was served. Hamburgers I believe, which to my knowledge is not a Native American food. I didn’t see any fry bread or Indian tacos, which I would have expected. I was pleased that SAB was trying to acknowledge, for once, the fact that Native Americans exist and the cultures are worthy of sharing. It was a beautiful way to end the work week.


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