august 22, 2018

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“Here’s what I thought when I went out tonight to visit with the stars. I thought, I feel sad for those humans who live in a binary world, everything is either good or bad, right or wrong. Tonight, my outside world was misty, shaded and magical. As others have said before me, there is a great cloud of unknowing. I’m comfortable with that. That’s what I thought.” ~ Ken Bailey

Cool kid (Snapseed)


Terri Brown is a gem. Not only does she work hard for UK Libraries, she is one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. As ours is a small world, I actually knew Terri’s sister Claudia Thomas first, many years ago when we both served on the Visual Arts Committee of the Lexington Art League with whom Claudia was employed. We bonded immediately, so years later, when Terri told me Claudia was her sister, I was not at all surprised that we, too, had become fast friends. The sisters are both creative, caring, soft hearted women that I’m so proud to call friends.


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