december 2, 2018

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“Just like the moon, we go through phases.” ~ Unknown


all in the family


Bluegrass picker and old friend Mike Havens is doing a CD of bluegrass gospel tunes featuring Keith Prater, Tyler Peyton, Rob Peyton, and Debi Horton. You’ve met the fabulous Debi back in 2016. In all the years I’ve know her she has never changed. I love her beyond all telling, and Mike? He’s a stand up guy that I love more every time I see him. Let me tell ya, we didn’t let yesterday’s rain dampen our spirits one bit. I had the best time with this bunch ever was in the little country church at Mize, Kentucky. For me, this photo totally sums up our time together. They won’t use it for their cover, of course, because it’s not exactly screaming Bluegrass gospel, but if they ever wanted a cover with personality, this is the one. To make my day extra special, a bald eagle flew over me as I was passed through Neal Valley not a mile from mom and dad’s house. I couldn’t believe it, so I asked aviary expert Jodi Stacy if what I saw was even possible. It’s possible indeed as they’ve made a great come back in Morgan County. A beautiful day with many of the Creator’s beautiful creatures.

  1. Mike Havens and Blue Mountain Grass

    Thank you, Thank You and Thank You! It was a blast, a hoot and a wonderful time spent with you at the Photo Shoot.
    It was truly a Great shoot and fun time.

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