december 3, 2017

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“Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad.
It’s everything in between that makes life worth living ”
~ Bob Marley


Miss Smell


Michelle Shute, whom you met back in 2012 and again in 2013, came to town a few days ago. Her friendship has enriched my life repeatedly. Over the past 25 +/- years she has turned me on to more great music and books than anyone I know save for Stacy. Little wonder they’re great friends, then. I happen to be the lucky recipient of their good tastes.


silly gulls


Michelle has been without a car for four years. That changed this week when Stacy gave Michelle her old car, Goose (pictured here). Stacy keeps things for decades, and they always look and work like new because she’s extreme in her care. Looking at Goose you’d never guess she’s nearly 17 years old. It was as if Stacy was handing Michelle a brand new car. When I first met Michelle she drove a red car, so it’s fitting she is once more in the saddle of a red ride. Stacy, meanwhile, wins the good samaritan award of the year, and rightfully so. She changed Michelle’s life, providing her freedom that many of us take for granted. Imagine how hard it would be to live your life if you were dependent on others to get around. That’s been Michelle’s life of late.




I have two great people in my life who love and adore one another and that makes me rich beyond measure. 

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