july 24, 2017

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“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” ~ Dolly Parton


Dad (snapseed)


More than a year ago Stacy said she wanted to have lunch at Dad’s Favorites; a small deli in an unassuming strip mall between Garden Springs and Southland. Folks in Central Kentucky might be most familiar with Dad’s Favorites from the grocery where Dad’s Favorites beer cheese (and other cheese spreads) are best sellers. Today, Stacy and I finally tried Dad’s for lunch. Not only did we get to meet Dad (James Caudill), but he showered us with samples, stories, and his jolly goodness. I loved all of his cheese spreads, and there’s a reason his beer cheese is an award winner. It’s brilliant. If I’m not mistaken, he uses a stout from local brewery Country Boy Brewing. It doesn’t get better than local using local, does it? Life really is better with cheese. 

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