july 29, 2018

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“If your theology causes you to treat other people as less worthy of a home or love or care or safety than yourself, it isn’t worth keeping. Religion at its best will always welcome the stranger, mend wounds, share blessings, remove barriers, and expand the table.” ~ John Pavlovitz 


in the morning


In November 2012, the first year of the outhouse, I posted a photo of this same house. Earlier this month I walked by it again. Unlike before, it looks empty now. The posted notices indicate it might be condemned (though I don’t know that for sure as I did not read them). From the outside it didn’t look any worse than it did before. In any case, I love the little place, and I hope, whatever may be wrong, someone loves it back to health. Sipping coffee from it’s little front porch would be delightful.


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