july 30, 2018

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“If you don’t want to burn out, stop living like you’re on fire.” ~ Unknown


not like the other one


I’m walking along the alley when I see them dog-eared above the fence. It’s not that banana trees don’t grow in Kentucky, it’s that they don’t naturally grow in Kentucky. And for the few hearty souls who transplant the poor things year after year, because one has to or they’ll up and die the first winter, it must be a labour of love. It would have to be to go through the routine year after year. But hey, it just goes to show ya that you can grow a banana tree this far north if you’re willing to do the work. Although, there’s a cold variety called a Musa Basjoo Banana Tree that can grow even further north than Kentucky. Maybe this is one of them. I’d love to know if it bears fruit.

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