june 15, 2016

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“When your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you.” ~ Ajahn Chah


old times (snapseed)
old times (snapseed)

Strolling through Kroger I came across this display. I was transported to the 2 Pony Ranch Fourth of July Party 1996 edition. That may be the year of the biggest water gun fight in 2 Pony history. Jim McCollum, Brett “EZ” Miller, Bruce McCain, Scott Bartholomew, Duane Adams, Mindy Cardenas, Regina Barnett, Tammy Jo O’Neil, and I had quite the battle that summer (I have pictures of that fight but no scanner, sadly). If memory serves, Scott showed up with the first model of these Stream Machines. They were called Super Soakers (there might still be a model by that name, I don’t know). I believe that was the same year Jim brought the voice activated headset water gun. Screaming at the top of one’s lungs, as both Jim and I did throughout the weekend, shot only a limpid stream at a defender. It was no match for the Super Soaker, but it provided endless entertainment. The temps in Oklahoma right now are triple digit. Perfect weather for a herd of friends, a pool full of water, and an enormous Super Soaker fight. Ah, what a refreshing life. Such great memories.

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