june 22, 2017

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“Individuality is a precious gift. Never conform to someone else’s standards” ~ Lynette Cox


check one off the bucket list


The oldest item on my bucket list got checked off today. In my hands are tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney perform in July!!!! That’s right. That statement gets four exclamation marks. If you follow the outhouse you know I’ve loved him since I was a little girl, and more recently I’ve found I love him even more as an adult. If I could see anyone perform, it’s him. So, after much dragging of the feet, I’m actually going (with super awesome friends). Now, we pray he stays alive long enough to do the show. I mean, he turned 75 this week, and as Tony Adams told me last week, “He’s not going to live forever.” But wait, there’s more. The newest item on my bucket list also got checked off today. See this photo? It was made with my new 16-35mm lens. I’ve saved a long time for this new (used) baby, and for it to show up the same day I got tickets to see Sir Paul? Throw anything at me today – rotten tomatoes, insults, bad technology – nothing’s gonna bring me down. 

  1. Lois Wilson

    You go girl!!! Check one check two. I’ve got to make a bucket list, never have. This might make me travel more, right???? ??

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