june 23, 2020

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“The words you speak become the house you live in.” ~ Hafiz

Jessie’s Lily

I had the occasion to be at Lowell’s today. As I normally do, I took a walk, camera in hand, while the mechanics did their thing. Ordinarily, I head further downtown to take in the cityscape, but I realized that BFF Annie Bassoni, whom I haven’t seen in way too long, lives only a few blocks from Lowell’s. So I walked to see her and we proceeded to have an utterly fabulous front porch chat, complete with summer pop-up rain shower. This lily is in her front garden. She planted it in honor of her nephew, Jessie, who passed suddenly about this time last year. It just recently bloomed and brought her oodles of joy. Rightfully so. It’s gorgeous.

Auntie Extraordinaire

We talked a lot about losing our Sandy Davis last week, too. I think the Kentucky Tribe all agree: we just can’t wrap our minds around never seeing her again. She would have enjoyed a summer porch session with us, I’m sure. Taking these pictures of Annie was especially important to me because of losing Sandy. Even though Sandy hated my camera (I keep reminding myself it was the camera she hated, not me), she tolerated it, and because she tolerated it, we have some beautiful Sandy smiles to warm our hearts and keep us company. I’m so happy to keep adding to the Annie collection, and I’m grateful she, too, tolerates me and my camera. But it matters, folks. If your friends love you enough to want to capture your likeness to help them through, let them. It matters. And this picture of Annie, and the one at the very end, just might be my favorites of her so far. She’s Annie and I love her for just being her. And for being my friend, of course. I love her for that, too.

many faced Annie
selfie with Annie

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