june 28, 2020

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“Act justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.” ~ Micah 6:8

old friends (snapseed)

I had so much fun tonight. My old, old friend Stephen McKenzie invited me to be on the show he hosts with the equally awesome Chris Trusty called Real Talk. It was my first experience with Instagram’s live video options. You get exactly 59 minutes and 59 seconds to say your bit then they cut you off. That’s fine unless you blather on like I tend to do, and then you find out that 59 minutes and 59 seconds goes by really fast. poor Stephen and his audience having to listen to me go on and on when I shouldn’t. In my defense, Stephen had done some research on my life and asked good questions about my growing up and how I got from West Liberty to Barrow, Alaska to Stealin Horses to UK Libraries. In retrospect it’s been quite the life. You can catch the recap here on Instagram’s IGTV feature:


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Guest Kopana Terry

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One must participate in the Instagram video feature only on their smart phone. I didn’t know that in the beginning, which was too bad, because I was going to open with the photo below. Mom found it recently when she was cleaning out her files. Chuck Trimble and I had been the Fall King and Queen of 1972 and here we are crowning the King and Queen of 1973, Kristy Hamilton Collins and Stephen McKenzie! Stephen said he’s got a similarly old picture of he and I in overalls from about that time. This is a great example of how great it was to grow up in small town America. Our parents knew each other and were friends, we all did things together in town, played sports, went to festivals, school, we just worked as a community. It was fantastic to go down memory lane and sing the praises of my growing up. When Hillary Clinton said ‘it takes a village’ I knew immediately what she was talking about and that I was one of the lucky people in the world that had a village. Blessed beyond measure for my people. And, hey, below the photo is the second half of tonight’s show. These guys are SO fun and so very, very kind.

fall ball


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Part 2

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  1. Stephen McKenzie

    Thank you so much for coming on the show. It was a great appearance! Loved all the stories…wish we would have had 20-25 more minutes.

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