june 4, 2015

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“If you cannot be positive, then at least be quiet.” ~ Joel Osteen


charmed I'm sure
charmed I’m sure


Stacy Yelton received her 15 year service charm today. She started in radio, was laid off, then came back to the libraries. This service pin was particularly important to her precisely because she was laid off. Nobody plans on being laid off, let alone when they’re near 50. It’s incredibly hard to get another job, especially one as good as what was left. The market looks for younger employees who will work for less. The problem is the throwing away of valuable experience. The Libraries are lucky to have her experience in their fold.


fifteen and counting
fifteen and counting


A huge bonus of the day was when Marie Dale was given one of three Dean’s Awards for Outstanding Performance. There’s not another person in the library more deserving than Marie. And as soon as I snapped this shot of Marie the battery in my camera died. She really did smile a lot. Stacy smiled a lot. I was tickled for both of them. A most excellent day.


dean's award
dean’s award

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