march 6, 2016

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“Young people, live life while you can, see all you can see, travel as much as you can, don’t look back and never take life for granted. Tell your family and friends everyday that you love and appreciate them. Let petty things go by, don’t dwell on them. Grudges only hurt the one holding them. Time goes by fast, take advantage of every minute, you will be glad later in life.” ~ Tony Adkins


springing forth (snapseed)
springing forth (snapseed)

Finally, we were blessed with a beautiful day in The Bluegrass. So out go Wally and I bouncing around the block. There’s a yard not far from mine that, in spring, always looks as if the crocus fairies threw down all their bulbs and ran away. They’re delicate little things these particular croci. Welcome spring. A time of new beginnings.

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