october 3, 2016

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“Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe


from here
from here


The following is the original post made on October 3, 2016: the outhouse has another clog, so I’ve put up the ‘out of service’ sign and I’m over here using the Port-O-Potty aka tumblr – Thank God for good ‘ol tumblr! This isn’t the first time the outhouse has backed up thanks to a crappy – ha ha – theme that breaks the site every time they push an update. In any case, I’m not sweating it. I’ve been wanting to update the site for a while, so as soon as I can make some time in my life (soon I hope), I’m going to migrate to give the ‘ol gal a facelift (with a stable theme this time).


water's level
water’s level


In the meantime, here are two shots from dad’s Birthday. We pulled down Warix boat ramp off highway 801. I often see the sunset from this direction on my way back to Lexington. We were a bit early for a sunset on Saturday, but the cloud cover made a nice image just the same. And the little boat dock was just cute as can be. I’m blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty.

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