I did a stint in radio. Stacy Yelton and I developed an online arts and music magazine called tonic. The podcasts could be heard on the website of Lexington’s NPR affiliate, WUKY, from 2006 to 2010. I built the show’s web pages and conducted and produced 85% of the interviews. Among them were writers William GibsonSara Gruen, and Yann Martel; musicians Janis Ian and Chris Arduser; actor Leslie Jordan, painter Brandon Smith, and over 20 other artists from across the nation. Portions of the podcasts were aired on the radio station as features or promotional items.



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  1. Stacy Yelton

    I miss tonic. it was so fun to innovate, and your ability to land interviews with so many great artists of all stripes was astounding. Props to Josh James, too. His essays, web work, etc. added so much to tonic. Gosh I hope an opportunity to revive the project someday. We were ahead of the curve.

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