may 27, 2020

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“Today, I hope that you find some joy and laughter and some peonies and blooms but also some kindness and grace (to yourself and to others), just like my mother would have wanted you to find not just today (no … Continued

march 30, 2020

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“Life became a lot simpler when I decided to just let people misunderstand me.” ~ Alicia Lochard When numero uno office assistant insists on being in one’s lap, one stops everything and forces said office assistant to pose for a … Continued

august 28, 2019

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“A good life is when you smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are.” ~ Zig Zigler   It was Open House today at Special Collections Research Center. Our exhibit is taken from our archived … Continued

april 6, 2018

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“Forever is composed of nows.” ~ Emily Dickinson     Tonight, I watched a documentary on the band Chicago. This brilliant band made some of the best music to ever come out of the U.S., then they hit the 1980’s … Continued