january 11, 2012

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“The people who tell you that you can’t, are the ones who are most afraid that you will.” ~Julian Lennon

isn't it ironic (Hipstamatic)

I took the photograph first. The small button was given to me by a former office mate some time ago. It adorns a computer speaker that only I can see. Late this afternoon I came across the Lennon quote. The two seemed meant for each other.

In other news, NPR posted an excellent photo expose by David Gilkey called Russia by Rail. The Polaroid film was gotten from The Impossible Project, the company that saved the Polaroid – using their own formula – after the company folded. If you need eye candy, look at both links. Long live Polaroid!

4 Responses

  1. Bev.

    With all due respect, I love it…and Julian’s quote as well….so true! Oh yeah, I love you too. 🙂

    • kopana

      It’s a very Bev button I think…..and mine 🙂 Love you most!! 😀

  2. Mary

    love the button 🙂 and the pic! my favorite’s in my car that says I Refuse to Grow Up 🙂

    • kopana

      Indeed!!! So, the title “Isn’t it Ironic?” I’ll tell you the story about why the photo, the Lennon quote, and my reclaiming myself all mixed together is so ironic. Someday, not today 🙂

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