march 2, 2017

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“Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki


shedding season (snapseed)


I desperately needed a haircut so, I got one. Charlotte took off five inches, added some layers, and it’s still to my shoulders. I bet she shorn two pounds of hair off my head, but it’s so thick I’ve got five pounds left. I’m extremely grateful to have my hair. I can’t tell you how many women stop me and compliment it. I didn’t realize how many of us suffer thinning hair as we age until so many pointed out how thick and full-bodied mine is. Aging robs us of a lot of things, so I’ll take a compliment any time I’m given one.  

  1. Shirley Terry

    Good for Charlotte….and good for you for allowing her to do her thing! BTW, you have beautiful blue eyes when I could see them, baby girl…!!! You have thick hair just like all the Hamiltons. Your great-grandfather John Ed Hamilton still had a head full of hair when he died at age 99, the same for mamaw Adams, deceased at age 98. They both were “silver haired” and “soft snow white”.

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