october 9, 2016

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“Love isn’t what you say. Love is what you do.” ~ John Hagee


old friend
old friend


I have never taken personal time around any of the business trips I’ve made over the years, but I decided to do it this time because I was coming so close to old friends Callie Cardamon and Eric Rawson that I couldn’t not see them. It had been 27 years since we last saw each other. 27 years: That’s long enough for us to have grand-children. Callie and I talked today a great deal about middle age and and just how strange it is, including the constant worry that something will go wrong and ruin whatever you have planned. I waited as long as I could before making my travel plans because I was afraid someone would get sick or die or something would go wrong with the house or work. In other words, adulting can take over one’s ability to relax and make time to see people you love. Callie confirmed I wasn’t alone in this. Both of us went through things last week that made our reunion challenging (death, migraines, and viruses among them). I will cherish this time we have because it may be another 27 years before we see one another again (I sure hope not). I am reminded yet again that making time to see people you love matters. Don’t adult so much that you forget to enjoy this one life you’ve been given.


Eric, Callie, and Vesta
Eric, Callie, and Vesta

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  1. Callie Cardamon

    Dearest and Most Darlin’ Kopana,

    Not only do I love this and love you, but I love our family portrait! I’ve been trying to get a pic of Vesta with BOTH of her parents for months!

    P.S. It can NOT be another 27 years!

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