(photo: Kiya Heartwood, 1999)
(photo: Kiya Heartwood, 1999)


My first true love is music. I’m often asked when I started playing and the answer is ‘I don’t know, I’ve always played.’ I’ve been extremely fortunate to survive the major league (‘survive’ being key here), and even more fortunate to play with some of the finest musicians on the planet. Not every band made it to the big time, but every player, roadie, and engineer made a difference to me. Rock on!



  • Another Lonely Night – Bliss McCain, 2 Pony Records, 2004: drums track 6
  • Crow – Wishing Chair, Terrakin Records 2002, drums and percussion
  • The Ghost of Will Harbut – Wishing Chair, Terrakin Records 2000: drums and percussion
  • Circle – Karen Scalf, Terrakin Records 1999: drums
  • Dig A Little Deeper – The Kelly Richey Band, Sweet Lucy Records 1999: percussion
  • Bliss McCain – Bliss McCain, Terrakin Records 1999: drums and percussion
  • Undisputed Country – Wishing Chair, Terrakin Records 1998: drums and percussion
  • Eyes of a Woman – The Kelly Richey Band, Sweet Lucy Records 1997: drums, title track
  • Path – Tangled Roots, 2 Pony Records, 1996: drums
  • Sister’s Got A Problem – The Kelly Richey Band, indie release 1994: percussion
  • Mesas and Mandolins – Stealin Horses, Waldoxy Records 1991: drums and backing vocals
  • Stealin Horses – Stealin Horses, Arista Records 1988: drums and backing vocals
  • Ballad of the Pralltown Cafe – Stealin Horses, indie release 1986: drums and backing vocals
  • Fear of the Night – K.S. Ratliff and Black Magic, indie release 1982: drums
  • He is My Everything – Glory Bound Singers, indie release 1979: drums


1st public performance, Tucson, AZ, 1978
1st public performance, Tucson, AZ, 1978


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