Wishing Chair, Undisputed Country,1998
Wishing Chair, Undisputed Country,1998 (photo by Kopana)


Wishing Chair is Kiya Heartwood and Miriam Davidson. Formed in 1995, their first CD, Singing With The Red Wolves, soon followed. It was just after this release that Kiya and I reunited. I’d been playing with a blues band called U.S. 27 when their second release, Undisputed Country, was recorded. The boys from U.S. 27, Pete Poggione and Sean Tarter, and I, joined Wishing Chair. Individual tracks from Karen Jones of Reel World String Band and guitarist Ben Lacy added flavor. It was recorded with Les Campbell, who had engineered Stealin Horses’ Mesas and Mandolins.


Ghost of Will Harbut, 2000 (photo by Kopana)
Wishing Chair, Ghost of Will Harbut, 2000 (photo by Kopana)


Before long, the boys and I joined Wishing Chair live. Pete’s stint ended when he moved to Michigan. When Sean made his exit, it took an entire family to replace him. Enter The Chapmans. We affectionately called them the Von-Chapman Family Singers: Eric [gtr, vox], Bree [vox], and son Johnathan [bass, vox]. Ghost was recorded, once again, with Les Campbell, and featured guest appearances by Karen Jones and Bev Futrell from Reel World String BandPete Poggione, and former Outrider’s bassist (and Davidson brother-in-law) Dave Arms.


Wishing Chair, Crow, 2002
Wishing Chair, Crow, 2002


I don’t remember what tracks I played on Crow. Most of this CD was recorded at Kiya’s home studio in Stamping Ground, KY with additional production by Les Campbell and Tommy Dorsey (from Stealin Horses days) at Masterfonics in Nashville. Crow had “endowed chairs” instead of musicians. Kara Barnard (Chair of Strings), Grey Larson (Chair of Reeds), Kopana (Rockin’ Chair – of course), Dave Arms (Chairman), Beth Burden and Lisa Raymond of Mother Jane (Vocal Chairs), Jaime Anderson (Recliner), Stacy Yelton (FM Chair) and Tommy Dorsey (Chairmaster). Wishing Chair may not always have the same band but they’re almost always funny.

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