june 3, 2014

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“When it comes to compassion for others, remember that practice makes perfect.”
~ JD Carruthers


don't move the chair
do not move


There’s a chair in the Ladies’ Room. We’ll call her ‘Norma.’ Folks in the know say a former, somewhat neurotic, librarian put Norma in there. Estimates put her residency in the Ladies’ Room at more than 25 years. Mind you, this used to be the main library. And even when all of that moved to another building in 1998, Norma remained faithfully at her post. I don’t know who’s more neurotic; the woman that insisted Norma stay put, or all of us who’ve let her be all this time! At this point, though, we girls on the first floor would be lost without Norma. She’s like an old friend; a reminder that you’re never too old to be useful.


I said, don't move it
a nod to Norma Jean

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