august 26, 2014

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“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can’t hurt you.”
~ African Proverb


Gatton expanding
Gatton expanding


The Gatton College of Business and Economics is getting a facelift, and an expansion. They’ve gutted the old building, and digging in for the new. I was snapping pictures where the tarp was ripped when I heard a voice over the mechanical noise. “There’s a break in the fence over here. Step inside and take your pictures, but be quick before the boss sees you,” he said. He was dressed in a bright lime green construction t-shirt and hard hat, dirty and wet with sweat. It wasn’t 9 a.m. yet. I hesitated. He flashed a quick smile and motioned toward the break in the fence. I’m a sucker for a sweet smile and a hint of rule breaking. I stepped inside and snapped quickly as instructed. I thanked my knight kindly, and went on my way.

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