august 9, 2013

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By embracing what comes on this journey, and having faith that we are not given anything we cannot handle, we go with the flow that life offers. ” ~ Daily Buddha

rich part 2
rich part 2

I’ve finished my first full week in the Nunn Center. It was, in a word, fantastic, in no small way thanks to this man, Seth Newell. While Doug has been excellent at the big picture and general workflow of the job, Seth has been invaluable for the in-the-trenches work. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without him this week. Apart from being my savior, there was something else about Seth I was immediately drawn to. He reminds me so, so, so very much of my dear friend Rich Kidd (yes, that’s his real name) whom I haven’t seen in 25 years. Back in the day, Rich had different color hair and dressed like a punk. Seth has a shaved head and tattoo adorned arms. Same effect, different generation, at least to me that’s true. More than looks, however, is how similar they are in spirit. They’re happiest when they’re helping. They’re efficient, organized, thorough, positive, all rolled up in a great work ethic. They’re the people you want by your side if you want to succeed. I’ve missed Rich a lot over the years, so it has been the most pleasant of surprises to get to know Seth. He even laughs at my stupid jokes just like Rich. Sadly, next week is his last in the Nunn Center for he took a GA position. The good news is that he’ll still be in the building, so I can continue to enjoy his company and kindness. He really is awesome.

seth's space
seth’s space

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