november 15, 2014

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“Bad news, you’re not going to fit in with everyone.
Good news, the great ones never do.” ~ Unknown


the best girl
the best girl


Yesterday I confessed to being lonesome for my dog, Sadie. Here she is in her prime, circa 1997. She’d been running the hills in Stamping Ground with her dog friend, Maggie. We were on a ridge walking toward a slimy green pond at the gloaming of the day when I took this. She stopped just long enough to smile and let me take the shot. Then, she dove into that slim as happy a dog as there ever was. She was an extremely smart, gentle, obedient soul. That’s why I get lonesome for her. It’s been five and a half years since she died at the age of seventeen. There hasn’t been a day since that I don’t think about her and smile. I will be grateful for her, and to her, the rest of my life.

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