october 12, 2020

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“It’s always blue above the clouds.” ~ Rev. Mark Davis

Hickman House 1814

I’m learning a ton about deeds and documentation for historic properties. I am reminded daily why I chose this path of study and that it was the right choice for me. However, it makes me utterly dread the required upcoming preservation law course. I swear, I just shake my head at how convoluted human beings can make the simplest things, usually under the guise of law. Frankly, if laws are the definition of civilized, give me the savages. They make a lot more sense. Feel free to ask me if I still feel this way after I finish the pres law class (I’m pretty sure I will). Still, isn’t this house cool? It was going to be a tavern. It never made it that far but instead landed in one family for 130 years. What a treasure for them and the city of Winchester, Kentucky. It’s worth sorting out all the civilization to get the story.

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