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I was raised in a Pentecostal Church in a rural Kentucky mountain town. The Church’s ideology – which did not include snakes, to be perfectly clear – was sewn into the fabric of the family by an extraordinarily devout grandmother. I was indoctrinated from birth. As I moved out into the world I was exposed to many other people of many other faiths. They gave me pause. Yet, as I moved away from my familial belief system I did not abandon the most important thing it had given me; unwavering faith in God. I have never once doubted that there is something greater than myself to whom I can turn for guidance, inspiration, and forgiveness.


Over time I’ve become increasingly interested in how we present our faiths to the world, how our beliefs shape our surroundings, what we consider a sacred space. Even as we subscribe to the same dogma by the thousands, a physical space in which we feel comfort and peace is deeply singular. In this way, each photograph may be complex, inciting different reactions for each of us who will, without much choice, bring our preconceived notions of what is spiritually valuable.


In this gallery we see the exploration of sacred spaces in an embryonic stage. Though I had pondered the series for a decade prior, it wasn’t until offered the opportunity of an exhibit at First Presbyterian Church in Lexington, KY in late 2015 that I actually moved thought into action. The ultimate goal is to reach as many faiths and discover as many sacred spaces as will allow me entrance. The saying “It’s not about the destination, but the journey” is absolutely true in this case. There’s something important here for me to learn, and I’m in no rush to reach my destination. I’ve only just taken that first step.


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