series created in 1997; shown here at 19 of 40 total images

Artist’s Statement: Voyeuristique

Photography can capture decisive moments on any occasion, but so rarely do we think of our time in a private, secluded space as decisive. A bathroom offers seclusion and there we, to quote kd lang, “are at our most cocky and our most vulnerable”. I can think of no other arena where humans are truly uninhibited. With this in mind, I viewed the figures in a unobtrusive, voyeuristic manner while looking beyond what might seem the most mundane of subjects; people in bathrooms.

This series of photographs harbor quiet sexuality while capturing the designs that make the human figure intriguing and desirable. I believe it is more enticing to enhance the parts that make a whole rather than exposing anatomy. It was imperative to use the often small spaces of lavatories to elaborate on the figure’s curvature and size in relation to the surrounding fixtures, which are often covertly sexual in form.

The art of being silent has allowed me to view people in a removed manner and the Voyeuristique series is simply an extension of this side of my personality.

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