september 20, 2018

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“Don’t let the tamed ones tell you have to live.” ~ Jonny Ox


security scott


Once again, I was situated silently between booths, and once again, I was found by someone who knew me. I heard his voice, looked up from my camera, and to my utter surprise I saw Scott Swift smiling at me! Scotty and I have worked together for many years now. He decided to volunteer to be part of the “staph” of Scarefest, which also got him a free pass for his son who loves cosplay, specifically He-Man. Totally by coincidence, Skeletor came creeping by while we were having a lovely chat about the whole Scarefest and cosplay thing. Scotty’s a really good guy. He’s always kind, always smiling, and I always come away feeling better about the day after I see him. What an inspiration.



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