september 20, 2022

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“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.” ~ Rumi


The Bluegrass Heritage Museum has some interesting technology on display. For instance, this picture telephone. The only thing that could have made this better would have been if I’d taken the photo with my phone camera. I grew up with the rotary phone next to it. In fact, this is an updated version of a rotary telephone my grandparents had up Railroad Fork. Theirs was a heavy dull black beast on a party line. Aunt Ida (pronounced “ain’t eye-dee”) down the creek was quite fond of talking, and you’d occasionally have to ask her if you could use the line for just a minute. She always obliged. Fortunately, I was born too late to be tortured by the early perm hair device below. Just looking at it makes me appreciate the natural body I have in my hair. But in my early years, I was thin-haired. When I hit high school, wavy hair was all the rage, and I was subjected to multiple chemical perms. They never lasted longer than a week, such was my pencil-straight stubborn mane. I stopped trying. Still, can you imagine being hooked up to that thing? 


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