april 29, 2012

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Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” ~ Mark Twain

the garden of allergen delight (snapseed)

I’m severely allergic to mold; I can be the proverbiale canary in a coal mine in some situations. I wear a mask, take an antihistamine, and three allergy shots every week to be able to do yard work. After all those preventative measures you’d think I could roll in a pile of mold and be happy as a clam. You’d be wrong. I take my mask off for a drink of water and inhale a mold spore just big enough to make life painful the next day. Happens nearly every time. Still, I love my flower beds. My neighbors love them, too. They’re worth the pain. The flower beds, that is, not the neighbors.

How many plants can you identify in my garden?

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