october 3, 2013

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With our thoughts we make our world.” ~ Buddha

by the dawn's early light
by the dawn’s early light

Last night Greg Gross came to see me. Over the years I’ve lost several men, like Lance, with whom I was extremely close, but thankfully I haven’t lost Greg. If ever the Universe made a brother for me, it’s him, and little coincidence that he calls me sis. We really bonded in High School. It doesn’t matter how many years apart we go without seeing one another, absolutely nothing would change how much I love and respect him. He speaks his mind and, frighteningly, he’s almost always right in his summations. Plus, he’s smart as a whip and handsome as all get out. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am without his friendship, and I hope I never walk a day on this planet without him. Grateful doesn’t begin to touch this.

30 year date
30 year date

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