august 18, 2018

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“Life is like a book: Some chapters are sad, some happy, and some exciting.
But if you never turn the page, you’ll never know what the next chapter holds.”
~ Tinybuddha


the joys of childhood


Annie Bassoni and I met at the Woodland Art Fair and began our annual perambulatory judgement of the art. Thirty minutes into our trek, the skies opened up and the heavens let loose a heavy cry. We took shelter under a tent as others had umbrellas or sheltered, none too dryly, under the park’s large oaks. When the torrent reduced to a drizzle, we forged ahead until we came across these boys. I fondly remember pulling such antics usually with Mark Collinsworth. We had so much fun in the rain. I think that’s why, even now, I don’t mind being caught in the rain so much. I’m transported to childhood with Mark and full ditches of water and mud holes on Jones Creek and oversaturated yards screaming to be turned into slip-n-slides. I hope these boys never forget each other and the fun they had together today.


run and go

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