june 6, 2018

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“Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.” ~ Unknown


grocery surprise (Hipstamatic)


I was in the checkout line at Kroger wearing my UK Libraries shirt. As the bagger placed the last bag in my cart he said, “Have a good evening ma’am.” I said, “Thank you. You, too.” As I walked by him, he leaned toward me and quietly asked, “Do you work at UK Libraries?” I told him yes. “My little sister works at UK Libraries,” he said. “Really? Who is your sister?” I asked.  “Kathryn Lybarger,” he replied. I looked at his name tag. “Oh my god, you’re Rick! We sat together at Kathryn’s wedding,” I said enthusiastically. “Kopana?” It was the moment we recognized each other. That wedding was probably ten years ago and a lot has happened since then. We hugged and kept talking as he was bagging groceries for the woman behind me. We had to stop talking when he started loading her groceries in my cart. I love these kinds of surprise run-ins. Rick Lybarger made my day! 

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