april 12, 2018

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“Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you’ll understand how unlikely you are to change others. There’s plenty of work for all of us to do internally before we can even think about setting out to change others.” ~ Timber Hawkeye


go team


We’ve been working with a project called Jewish Kentucky for a couple of years. To date, the project includes 78 oral history interviews, most on video, and a growing archive. Tonight, the project hosted a wonderful dinner, bourbon tasting, and program to show their appreciation to the interviewees, donors, students, and well, us. It was a heartfelt thank you that I really appreciated. I’m sure everyone did. A project leader, Jan Fernheimer, above, wasn’t aware of my unusual selfie style, but that didn’t stop her from playing along. She’s got the right kind of spirit for sure. Jan is one of the most brilliant professors on campus. She’s got more ideas than time, but she manages to do a lot extremely well all while raising one of the cutest tiny humans ever. Jewish Kentucky is just one of her successes and I’m proud to help her along the way. 

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