april 12, 2022

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“When life is hardest, compassion is most needed.” ~ Cheri Huber


On the way to Midway last Saturday, we drove by Weisenberger Mill, and naturally, on the way back, I stopped. It was not the optimal day for pictures, but it’s still a cool place on a dreary day. This is Kentucky’s oldest continuously used mill run by sixth-generation Weisenbergers. There has been a mill on this site since 1818. August Weisenberger bought it in 1865, and this mill building was constructed in 1913 by his son. For over 200 years, water milled flour and meal have come out of this little spot on South Elkhorn Creek. They’re fabulously delicious, too. I’m especially fond of their pizza dough. I’m going back as soon as the weather gets a little better.


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