april 15, 2018

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“We are each other’s pastors.” ~ Laurel Anderson Reid


reverse zoo (Hipstamatic)


For the past two days this little robin has parked herself in my window. I know she has arrived when I hear tiny pecks on the glass. It seems once she has my attention she settles in. It’s not like she’s the only bird to make her way to the window over the years, but she is the only bird to stay. She watches me. I wave at her. She stares intently. I’ll walk from room to room and she watches. She will even let me get close to the window before she flies away. Each time I try I get closer than before. She’ll leave for a time, but she always comes back. Native Americans believe birds are visitors from ancestors. Some believe them messengers, others guardians. Regardless of role, they’re benevolent companions. I’ve named her…Robin (creative, I know), and I’m thrilled she comes to see me. She’s welcome on my sill anytime.

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