april 23, 2018

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“For each situation I encounter today I choose only to see its positive side.” ~ Unknown


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Did I mention last Thursday’s Pages and Pints soirée included a special little person? Her name is Ahnat – pronounced: ah-naught – and she’s an elderly six months old. Foster mom Deborah Payne wasn’t kidding when she said this baby is chill. Ahnat went the whole night without so much as a yelp, scream, cry, goo goo, or anything else. It was pretty unbelievable, actually. Even the host commented on her smooth demeanor. Meanwhile, she was completely engaged in people, locking eyes with all of us at one point, staring intently for the longest time. She was so present I kept waiting for her to speak full sentences. She didn’t even whimper when I held her, and that’s saying something because, typically, the second I pick up a baby they start bawling. She didn’t whimper when anyone picked her up. Ahnat is a trusting soul with a beautiful name. I’m pleased to know her.


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