april 29, 2017

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“Let Thank You be your daily mantra.” ~ Unknown


birds of a feather (snapseed)


I don’t ordinarily have craptastic days and this is no exception. It started off pretty craptastically when Lilly cat woke me with her yowling at 7 a.m. I couldn’t go back to sleep, so up for coffee I go. A few hours later I found out what all the fuss about when I sat down in a cushion full of pee. After a change of clothes and few choice words, I loaded her up and off to the vet we went. Naturally, being the little anxiety feline she is, purging from both ends occurred before we even got there. The vet is only a mile away. A UTI, a bottle of pills, and $150 later, I got in the car only to discover it, too, was not feeling well. Power steering, slipping clutch, tie rod, balding tires, or a combination of the four meant I wasn’t going to make my planned trip to Cinci to see my friends Bree and Eric open for Joe Lynn Turner; a reunion that was to be my prize for not going to Iceland this weekend for the News Media conference. My day just wasn’t going very well until Stacy agreed to have lunch with me. We had a great conversation followed by a trip to Wild Fig Books for Independent Bookseller’s day. We ran smack dab into Crystal Wilkinson whose award winning book, The Birds of Opulence, I specifically went there to buy. She graciously signed it for me and that just tickled me no end. I read the first chapter when I got home and had to force myself to put it down to do other things. It’s *that* good. So, you see, I had a few things go wrong today, but look what a beautiful reward I was given for sticking with it. I gotta go now and start chapter two.

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