april 28, 2017

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“The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.” ~ Unknown


summer pictures


I saw Mark Cornelison this morning as he was setting up what must surely be the billionth group photo before the end of the school year. Mark recently joined the UK ranks after spending 25+ years as a photojournalist at the Herald-Leader. Their loss was UK’s gain to say the least. Mark is a top-notch photographer and a super nice man to boot. I was glad to see him on the job. I didn’t disturb him, though. I just did a hit and run photo, kind of like I did with the dude in the hammock (below). I’m digging the hammock phase I must say. They look so relaxing. There’s just one more week of classes, so I better get to snapping while there’s fun left to snap. Maybe I’ll run across Mark again and grab another hit and run shot. It doesn’t take much to tickle me. 



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