april 30, 2021

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“I will never apologize for thinking differently, feeling deeply, and loving unconditionally.” ~ Rachel Wolchin


Late this afternoon we finally had the chance to memorialize our friend Sandy Davis who died unexpectedly last year. Many of Sandy’s friends were at the memorial, and we were all so pleased that her sisters Marylou and Anne joined us from Boston. It was an honor to meet them. You could see Sandy in them. Marylou has Sandy’s laugh. Anne has Sandy’s gift of warmth and welcomeness. They both have her eyes. They were delightful.

meeting the sisters

Thanks to Rhonda Reeves (seated below) and Ace Magazine for hosting a perfect sendoff for our gal. Sandy would have loved it: coffee truck, people, chocolate covered espresso beans. Unlike Deb (standing below), I couldn’t speak. Many of us couldn’t, but we would have all said the same things Deb, Harriette Swart, and the other speakers said: Sandy Davis was the brightest soul we’ve ever known. Generous to a fault, kinder and more tolerant than we deserved. How lucky we all were to have been her friends. I am grateful for Sandy. I will always miss her. Always.

friends sharing

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