april 4, 2018

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“Start where you are.” ~ Pema Chödron


president snow (snapseed)


As the weather(wo)men promised, today is substantially colder than yesterday that topped out at a balmy 74 degrees. I got a freeze warning this afternoon, and we’re expected a snowstorm by Saturday. That’s right. A snowstorm with substantial accumulation. This sort of thing is rare even for bi-polar Kentucky weather. This photo is a statue of former UK President James Patterson under the beautiful snow we had a few weeks ago, which wasn’t the last snowfall. It was just the prettiest. The only problem I have with an April snow is that it won’t fall during the week. I mean, if it’s going to snow in April we might as well have a day off work. Oh, who am I kidding. Bring it on no matter the day! Good thing I haven’t planted those annuals yet.

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