april 6, 2015

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“When you make a choice, you change the future.” ~ Deepak Chopra


baaaaaaaaad-ger (instagram)
baaaaaaaaad-ger (instagram)


Like most everyone in the state of Kentucky, I was hoping tonight’s NCAA men’s basketball championship would include UK. Unfortunately, they suffered a disappointing loss to the University of Wisconsin Badgers last Saturday. It was a thrilling game, but the boys just didn’t do it. This was the only game in a record setting season of thrilling games that didn’t end with a win. 38-1: that is an amazing accomplishment few players, or fans, ever experience. It was an incredible ride, which played a big part in making the loss harder to swallow. These young men had been composed and gracious throughout the season. They were unselfish in their play. When they could have puffed their chest feathers, or hammered that nail in the coffin ten or twelve points deeper, they chose not to. It wasn’t just their playing that made us proud, it was their kindness. I will admit that I like Wisconsin. Not enough that I wanted to lose to them, but I’ve liked them for a number of years now. So, if we had to lose to someone during the tournament, I’m sort of okay with it being the Badgers. I’m hoping they win the championship so that our loss won’t have been in vein. In the meantime, my hope for next basketball season is that the NCAA hires exceptional referees for all the games, not just ours; that the young men who remain at UK know they are champions in our collective book; and whether we win or lose, players always shake their opponent’s hand and never say bad things about them, on mic or off. To truly be a good winner, you have to be a good loser. True in sports. True in life. Go Cats!

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