april 6, 2021

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“Time is not refundable. Use it with intention.” ~ Unknown

Jake’s Garden

What do you do when you’re fully vaccinated on the perfect Kentucky spring day? You gather two of your favorite girlfriends and go to Sav’s for lunch. The three of us have been waiting months for a chance to enjoy a meal together, and that chance finally came today. We had not been to Sav’s new location – because he moved/reopened in the middle of the pandemic – and we had not seen the newest addition to the shop called Jake’s Garden. It’s a fabulous outdoor space dedicated to Sav’s good friend and Lexington councilman, Jake Gibbs, who passed unexpectedly just weeks before the lockdown last year. I can’t tell you what a great vibe it has, and it’s so visually stimulating as to be temporarily distracting. Of course, our lunch together was fabulous. I have never had a bad time with Jen and Judy, and I doubt I ever will. Plus, we used today as a tiny celebration since tomorrow will be my 20th anniversary as a UK employee. Guess who offered me the job all those years ago? HR Librarian Judy Sackett. I am now officially eligible for retirement from UK, and boy, does that make me giggle (for a lot of reasons). Bottom line though, it feels really, really good. 

librarians in Jake’s Garden

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