august 13, 2020

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“When your head hits the pillow tonight, remind yourself that you’ve done a good job. You’re headed down your path at your own pace, and with every obstacle you are trying your best. Be patient with yourself, and remember, big things are achieved not all at once, but one day at a time.” ~ TinyBuddhaâ €

a radical departure

I’ve been feeling kind of bad for about a week. Can’t quite put my finger on it. I got my allergy shots hoping they would make a difference. They didn’t. I felt so fatigued and addled this morning that I took the afternoon off hoping some extended time away from work with-one-constant-technical-problem-after-another would help. I still didn’t feel good, not even after watching the Williams sisters battle each other in tennis, here in Lexington less than five miles from my house no less. It was an excellent game. I should have been elated. I was exhausted. I made my way to The Radical Departures rehearsal (above). Within ten minutes I felt more normal, more rested, more engaged than I’ve felt in months. If you don’t remember The Radical Departures, we played the Bob Dylan Tribute show last November. In spite of the pandemic, the powers that be have decided to go ahead with an altered version of this year’s Music for Mission tribute show featuring the music of John Lennon. We didn’t want to miss being part of that because we all love Lennon’s music, except the deadline is less than two weeks away, so we needed to get cracking if we were going to have a chance of passing the audition. Two hours flew by and I felt so much better afterward that it’s really got me thinking that the pandemic isolation has been far worse for me than I ever imagined. Or maybe it’s just the act of playing music that brought me out of the funk for a little while. Whatever the case, I’m grateful for it and I really hope we are chosen to perform this year. Musically, I absolutely love what we’re doing. It’s a very different style for me and it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s more info on the upcoming tribute:

“The 2020 Music for Mission Tribute honors John Lennon, marking the 80th anniversary of his birth and the 40th anniversary of his death. Solo artists and groups are invited to submit videos of their performances of 2 songs written by Lennon to be considered for one of 5 acts for the concert.

The concert will be held on Friday, November 6 at First Presbyterian Church (FPC), Lexington, KY. We will hold the concert virtually with high quality videos recorded in the beautiful church sanctuary with wonderful acoustics. Date nights, group watching, Lennon-inspired menus and wardrobe suggestions, a city-wide sing-along of Imagine and much more will be used to entice a large audience to join us for this special event which will be held 3 days after the election.”

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