august 14, 2018

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“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” ~ Muhammad Ali


approaching storm


So, the thing that surprised me most about harness racing was the gate. I was expecting a stationary gate, the horses get in, the gate opens, the horses run, and then a tractor hauls the gate directly off the track. No. With harness racing, at least this harness race, the horses are behind a gate attached to a moving car that looks like a 1970’s model hearse, and when the car gets to the finish post, it suddenly speeds away and the horses start racing. Wasn’t expecting that at all. I have no idea where the car went. I got distracted by something else around me and didn’t see it. 




break out


Thoroughbreds have tattoos inside their upper lips to prevent theft either at the track, or sales, or another public venue. You would never see it unless you fold back their upper lip. I didn’t notice the tattoo on these horses until I processed the photos. I say tattoo but, really, it looks more like an ID that’s been painted on to their hair beneath their manes. If someone out there knows if this is a permanent ID I’d be interested to know. I’m going to enjoy shooting more of this harness racing business. 


four off the floor

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