august 19, 2012

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The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” ~ Albert Einstein

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At sundown the Freezer Fresh is usually glowing in dull yellow bug lights. On summer nights, customers rest against matching yellow posts waiting for their hand made milkshakes. You haven’t lived until you’ve had one. When the tornado ripped through town, the only thing left of the 1950’s era hangout was the yellow posts and an ice maker bolted to the interior floor. This new building design is slightly different, fewer windows, but it’s close enough to give us hope that West Liberty might actually come back. I want to be the first in line for a banana shake, and then I want to watch the parade of people until the  yellow glow lights up the town again.

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  1. Larry S. Evans II

    I am so happy to see this. I know many of us joked about “circling the Freezer Fresh” as one of the primary activities of our teenage weekend nights, but it would be wrong if it were gone, never to return.

    I spent a week in May in “Bedford Falls” or rather the town in upstate New York that claims to have been Frank Capra’s inspiration for it. It got me thinking about small town Americana and the world we often took for granted in our youth.

    I don’t know that I can ever go back to that world, but I don’t want to see it vanish from reality. I hope West Liberty has a new lease on life in the 21st Century that preserves that quality of life that is hard to find these days.

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