august 21, 2016

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“If you’re not having a good time, find something else that gives you some joy in life.”
~ Penny Marshall

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I had never toured a distillery before last week’s visit to Buffalo Trace. It’s a pretty awesome place down in the Kentucky River Valley. On the way to the distillery I was reminded that they’re not actually part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Not sure the politics behind that, but they certainly didn’t seem hurt by it. There were almost as many tour busses as bourbon barrels (and that’s a lot of busses). This is the barrel branding house. I loved the symmetry of the barrels, row after perfect row of oak cylinders. I was told by other tourists that the Buffalo Trace tour is much more intimate than other distillery tours. Whatever the case, I enjoyed the day very much. I’d like to do more photography at Buffalo Trace when it’s not blistering hot (it was so humid you had to cut your way through the air with a knife). Nothing like a good hot Kentucky summer.

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