august 23, 2018

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“Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one.” ~ Hans Selye


thanks ma


Well, our tiny heroine was back at the track this evening for the weenie dog race redux. I got sick yesterday and wasn’t sure I’d be there, but daggone it, I was determined. I should have maybe shared some of that determination with ‘Lil Bit. In her defense, this was her first race, and she’d been thrown off her game with the cancellation.


on your mark, get set, go


After a stall mid-field that seemed to linger, she finally figured out that running was the point. She was actually really fast, but since the winner had crossed the finish line 20 seconds prior, it was a bit late. To make matters worse for me, I arrived too late for on-the-rail seating, and every where I turned someone was in my way. Even the announcer blocked my view as Mayzie crossed the finish line. It was a bit like missing the kiss of a wedding. So, I was super bummed I couldn’t get better shots for Crystal, and super bummed that Mayzie didn’t qualify for the final race, but it was a beautiful evening with friends and that made me feel better. Now that Mayzie’s gotten the first race jitters over, next year will be her winning season. 


we’re proud of our girl

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